ALFAPARF MILANO Hair colorColor Services
    Adding color, dimension, or texture can be a great way to enhance your natural look, allow you to standout as an individual, or simply cover grays. Keeping the integrity and condition of your hair healthy is our first priority. Portray clients are always assured that a thorough consultation is included with each chemical service.  Let us take the time to sit with you and find the look that will work best for you.
   Tired of your color fading when you walk out the door?  We give a 100% guarantee that your color will last you until your next touch up with our products available for retail of color shampoo & conditioner made specifically for your hair color.
   Whether you are going for a total look change or just to add light reflections, or highlights service or gray hair coverage, your choice may be difficult for you, let us use our experiences and knowledge to create a beautiful you! 

Davines Color Salon
Double process $90 & up

First time Color $67 - $75 & up
Single Process Color $57 & up
Double Process $105 & up
Foil Highlights $105 & up
Individual Foils $7 & up


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